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Do you regularly send money abroad to family and friends to in Malaysia? Dahabshiil is the fast secure and low-cost online money transfer service for sending money to Malaysia. Our trusted global remittance platform and online money transfer app is the most convenient way to transfer money to Malaysia. It’s safe, reliable and hassle-free.

How to transfer money to Malaysia

Sending money to Malaysia is simple with Dahabshiil. Our user-friendly online platform and money transfer app enables you to make transfers in minutes with no hidden charges or frustrating delays. Whether you’re sending money to a bank account, a cash pick-up location or using your digital wallet, we’ve got you covered.

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Sending money to Malaysia is so simple with Dahabshiil

Enter amount

Simply enter the amount you want to send in the space provided

Select a recipient

Select a new or existing recipient – you can securely store recipient details for even faster transfers

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Our handy summary gives you a clear breakdown of your proposed transfer. Review and send money to Malaysia!

Create a secure eWallet to enjoy super-fast money transfers to Malaysia

Want to send money to Malaysia even faster with Dahabshiil? With our eWallet (electronic wallet) feature, you can transfer money to Malaysia in just a few taps of your smartphone. eWallets and mobile wallets are an ideal solution for those who send money abroad regularly.

Dahabshiil’s eWallet offers speed, convenience and another level of security. Securely store your card details in our application and transfer money to Malaysia in seconds. Top up your mobile wallet via credit card, debit card or bank transfer.


Malaysia money transfer app

Make super-fast money transfers to Malaysia via your mobile

Download our money transfer app and use your mobile to send money to cash pickup branches in Malaysia.Our user-friendly app enables you to transfer money to Malaysia and send free instant chat messages to friends and family!

App Mobile

Why use Dahabshiil for sending money to Malaysia?

Dahabshiil is the trusted online money transfer app and instant chat service for the diaspora. Here’s why people use Dahabshiil for sending money to Malaysia…

Low Cost Transfers

Low fees

Our super rates and low fees are hard to beat. Compare us with the competition. You save more with us.
Secure Delivery

Secure transaction

Your funds are safe with us. Your transaction is secure end-to-end. We use AML system,SSL, Digital certificates, 2nd factor authentication and other security mechanism.
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Send your money to family and friends within minutes
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Trusted by millions

50 years in remittance business, and we continue to serve millions of happy customers in over 120 countries.

Get the best exchange rates for online money transfers to Malaysia

Dahabshiil is dedicated to providing the best exchange rates when transferring money to Malaysia, from GBP, and other currencies, to MYR.

We keep fees low on money transfers to Malaysia and our fees are now the lowest on the market! Send money and save money with Dahabshiil.

Exchange Rates

How to send money to Malaysia

Sending money to Malaysia is so easy with Dahabshiil. No more frustrating delays or hefty charges. You can transfer money to Malaysia in minutes, at home or on the go. There are no hidden charges and Dahabshiil offers the lowest fees on the market for online money transfers!

Choose whether you want to send money abroad using a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet. It’s up to you. Send money to cash pickup locations in Malaysia, online or via your mobile. It’s so easy!


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Dahabshiil is a fully-authorised Electronic Money Institution (EMI), regulated by the FCA. Our industry-leading technology and powerful data security tools keep your details safe. We’re committed to ensuring money transfers are secure, plus we offer a money-back guarantee!

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