Dahabshiil Group CEO

Group Ceo Image

The CEO of Dahabshiil Group, Abdirashid Duale, runs a business empire that stretches across the world, from the UK to Australia to the USA, from Africa to the Middle East to Europe. He connects people globally by offering swift, reliable, and compliant financial and telecommunications services. He works with governments and international institutions across the world to ensure money reaches those who need it most, whether it is for humanitarian needs or to invest in a brighter future, especially in the Horn of Africa.

Prime ministers, presidents and other world leaders have spoken of Dahabshiil Group’s vital role, including the former British prime minister, now foreign minister David Cameron, and the Kenyan president William Ruto. They recognize Mr Duale as a crucial part of the jigsaw that keeps economies going, showering him with awards and inviting him to speak in the most elite of circles, both privately and publicly.

As Dahabshiil is both a critical motor of development and a key provider of lifeline services, he meets regularly with senior representatives from international institutions including the United Nations, the African Union, IGAD and the World Bank. Global powers know they need people like Mr Duale more than ever for crucial input on economic development, investment and the private sector. He has been named as one of the 50 most influential Africans by the respected publication, Africa Report, and interviewed by global media outlets including the BBC, CNN, Financial Times, The Economist and Al Jazeera.

Dealing in billions of dollars a year, Dahabshiil Group brings vital foreign currency to Africa via remittances and other financial flows. The company also provides power, rapid broadband services, and real estate, contributing to growth and development, especially in the Horn of Africa.

Mr Duale is one of Africa’s leading philanthropists, donating millions of dollars to build hospitals, schools, bridges and other vital infrastructure. He is passionate about the environment, investing in clean energy and enabling small-scale entrepreneurs to develop climate-friendly agribusinesses. Dahabshiil Group steps in during disasters be they market fires, floods or droughts. It is a key part of the global system, serving as both a conduit for the efficient, cheap flow of money and information and as a provider of assistance in times of need.