5 Tips For Hosting Your Ramadan 2022 Iftar Party

Ramadan 2022 will be a unique and memorable time for Muslims around the world. After two years of social distancing and missing out on the joy of gathering with loved ones for breakfast, many families can’t wait to reunite for Iftar this year.

Iftar party

Iftar parties are one of the most enjoyable experiences of Ramadan. Lots of samosas, dates, and different types of appetizers and dishes to choose from after a long day of fasting. Spending quality time with family and friends at Iftar parties is also an essential part of what Ramadan is all about – togetherness.


Hosting an Iftar party can be quite stressful and challenging. If you are thinking about hosting one this Ramadan, we got you covered.


We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips on how to host a memorable Iftar gathering: 

1- Plan ahead!

Preparing for the Iftar party well in advance is crucial for hosting a successful event. You can start by first preparing a to-do list. After preparing your list, deciding on where to host the party is very important. If you are expecting a large crowd, it’s better to rent a party room or recreation room to host your guests. If you plan to hold the party in your house or at another location, make sure there is a designated prayer space. Next, type up your guest list and start sending out invites! 


2-  Yes – it’s a good idea to put up Ramadan decorations

An Iftar party is not just a typical dinner – Ramadan only happens once a year. So, it’s OK to put up decorations to highlight the significance of the event. There are many great Ramadan decoration ideas on the internet. Whether you want to hang up lights or decorate the Iftar table, your guests will appreciate your efforts. You can also purchase ready-made Ramadan decorations on eCommerce websites like Etsy.


3-  You don’t have to wear yourself out and cook – outsource the food

Yes, you are hosting the event, but you have the right to be able to enjoy it as much as your guests. Outsourcing the food will save you a lot of time and energy. If you insist on cooking, try to limit the number of homemade dishes and outsource the rest – it will certainly be a perfect combination for your guests. 


4- Organize activities for every age group

After breaking fast and taking part in prayers, organising activities is a good way to keep your guests entertained and promote the Ramadan concept of togetherness. Putting on a movie for younger guests and organising discussions for the adults is a perfect balance. 


5- Hand out homemade goodie bags at the end

Who doesn’t like a homemade goodie bag? Your guests will leave the Iftar party happier than ever, especially if the goodie bag contains some sweet treats! There are many great Ramadan goodie bag concepts on the internet, some of which include special cards with Ramadan messages that your guests can keep to remember the event.

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