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September 16, 2018

There are periods in time that all the delight is yours. This does not come by accident, though. Such delights are the creation of people by virtue of talents and gifts Allah has bestowed on them. For me, Dahabshiil founders are at the very top of this niche’.

For reasons that I cannot truly define now, I was one Somali who did not use financial institutions very often in years past. It was either a member of my family or a friend who always did those chores for me: remitting money to a relative, withdrawing from a bank account or receiving and signing for moneys wired.

I never bothered to ask who they dealt with because I had no cause to. The efficiency with which the transactions were made had never called my attention or had drawn my concern.

Now that I am doing most of these things myself, I wonder why I missed all the fun, the achievement, the excitement of wheeling and dealing peculiar to financial markets, transactions.

Of late, I came to know that the smoothness that never jinxed my run of work and routines was provided by a true master in its field: Dahabshiil.

Below are a few facts about Dahabshiil that have commanded my undivided attention.

BRAND: Renowned. Trusted.  Recognized.

MANAGEMENT: Experienced. Caring. Considerate.

PERSONNEL/Staff: Qualified.  Courteous.  Competent.

“Dear customer, our services globally are being delivered by professionals who have enough experience, #TheyAssist

“Our customers are often our number one priority, we serve them with honor and dignity.”

REACH: Worldwide

“wherever you are in the world, Dahabshiil is within reach.”

“Connecting families and friends is our main agenda, #Dahabshiil reaches beyond borders & serve millions of customers.”

SERVICE: Efficient; Trustworthy; Reliable. innovative

“We are innovative all times, to make sure your transactions are fully secured. Dahabshiil – your trusted partner.”


Dahabshiil is transforming the economic perception of Africa, we support & encourage initiatives that will bring change”.

“We focus on you so that you can
focus on other things, we keep you
feel good with our excellent
services all the time. #Dahabshiil“.

CSR: Leading. Indiscriminating. Thoughtful.

“It’s our core principle to make a change in the lives of our communities, we are #Dahabshiil, excellence in every step.”

“For the last 40 years, Dahabshiil has been supporting communities around the world.”

“This year’s ATM Fellows graduated from @SOAS last week with PgDip’s in Law and Leadership funded by @Dahabshil. Here is the link if you would like to read more about the graduation and how this programme is changing lives: (link:…/30/atm-fellow-graduates-from-soas/… #ATMFellowship #Graduation2018

AVAILABILITY: 24/7  (Zone-based)

“Our branches worldwide are Open to serve you & make your day more good, little care from us is enough for your day.”

“With our agents in almost every corner of the earth, your loved ones
will never feel the time gap or the distance. Visit today“.

“Serving millions of happy customers globally everyday, Dahabshiil is always fast for you”

COMPLIANCE: Full; Above Reproach; respectful of national and international regulations worldwide

“We make every detail perfect to keep you feel safe and secure with our services.
@Dahabshil – fast money transfer…”


By Saeed Balbal

A Friend for life..

Check your transfer status

We have online portal where you can check your transfer status. click the link Online Transfer Status

Send And Receive Money

  • Visit your nearest Dahabshiil money transfer agent
  • For new clients, complete a registration form at the agent location
  • Provide identification documents (required for regulatory compliance reasons)
  • Present the amount you wish to send and beneficiary details
  • Obtain a receipt from the agent with full transaction details including payout amount, exchange rate, commission fee and beneficiary location and contact details