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Dahabshiil Epitomizes High Achiever Somalis

Abdirahman Ibrahim Warsame ‘Qawdhan’, a long-serving, former Assistant Minister of successive Puntland State of Somalia administrations decried unfounded criticism which a Puntland…
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New UAE Visa Reforms a Window of Opportunity for Somali Investors – Dahabshiil GCEO

Following sweeping reforms that the United Arab Emirates made to its visa and immigration rules on Sunday, Abdirashid Duale, CEO of the global remittance giant Dahabshiil, said this provided an…
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Ethiopia’s move to open key economic sectors to spur fast development – Dahabshiil GCEO

The move by the Ethiopian government to open key economic sectors, among them Ethiopian Airlines, to foreign investment is likely to spur fast development of the country. The government this week…
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Dahabshiil Regrets The Deaths of Its Workers In Baidoa

It is with great regret that we confirm that five people working for Dahabshiil were killed by an explosion in Baidoa on Monday. These innocent people were going about their daily business…
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Dahabshiil wins injunction against Barclays

The High Court heard an application for an interim injunction to prevent Barclays Bank from terminating the banking services it provides to Dahabshiil, the largest African Money Transfer Operator…
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