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27 Graduates Benefit From A Dahabshiil-Supported Program Impacting Positively on Society

The Guest to the Microphone program of the Somali section of the US Voice of America radio station of Saturday, August 4, invited Abdirashid Duale, GCEO of Dahabshiil Group, to…
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DIFTZ Presents A Wider Trading Opportunity, Potential to Africa, China and International Partners – Dahabshiil GCEO

At the opening ceremony of a 370-million, 240-hectare international free trade zone in Djibouti, Thursday, Presidents,…
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Dahabshiil Further Spreads Its Wings in Africa and Elsewhere to Serve A Soaring Clientele

The remittance wing of Dahabshiil has become a byword of trust, efficiency, and speed of delivery through a rigorous application of state-of-art digital technology, practicable…
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Dahabshiil Epitomizes High Achiever Somalis

Abdirahman Ibrahim Warsame ‘Qawdhan’, a long-serving, former Assistant Minister of successive Puntland State of Somalia administrations decried unfounded criticism which a Puntland…
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New UAE Visa Reforms a Window of Opportunity for Somali Investors – Dahabshiil GCEO

Following sweeping reforms that the United Arab Emirates made to its visa and immigration rules on Sunday, Abdirashid Duale, CEO of the global remittance giant Dahabshiil, said this provided an…
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  • Obtain a receipt from the agent with full transaction details including payout amount, exchange rate, commission fee and beneficiary location and contact details