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Payout rates for the agents in UK only.
US Dollar  
Rate: 1.4750
BXD Rate: 1.5050
Date: 18 Apr, 2015
Time: 9:00 am
Updated by: Admin

Terms and conditions.

The liability of Dahabshiil shall be limited to the amount paid to Dahabshiil for transmission. Dahabshiil shall not be liable for any damages or loss including but not limited to: consequential loss as a result of non payment or underpayment, or non delivery or failure, or error in transmission of a money transfer. Whether caused by any act, or omission, or negligence, or error, on the part of Dahabshiil, or on the part of any agent, or its employees, or any other party.
Dahabshiil reserves the right to refuse any Money Transfer, particularly if the receiver/sender fails to produce the required identification or if the identification produced is unsatisfactory, or if the transaction is deemed to be linked to money laundering or other illegal activities.
Unpaid remittance will be held for three weeks from the transfer date, after which it will be returned to the originating agent to refund the customer. If payment was not made because of the recipient failed to make a claim or because of wrong or incomplete information provided by the sender, the commission charged will not be refunded. Otherwise, the customer will be eligible to full refund. Dahabshiil will not be liable for any loss or damage claimed for failing to pay.